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About Us


Gupta Global is the full-service importing division of Gupta Permold Corporation, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Gupta Permold has established itself as a global leader in contract manufacturing. We formed Gupta Global to take advantage of India’s quality and affordable aluminum component engineering and manufacturing capabilities. With nearly a half-century of experience in aluminum components we are not just importers; we are experts in the industry, producing critical machine parts and components for the automotive, packaging, utilities, aerospace, construction, and other sectors. 

Why Work With Us?

Worldclass Indian Manufacturers

India boasts a robust and dedicated manufacturing talent pool, befitting its position as a leader in the world economy. Sourcing from India offers US-based OEMs and aftermarket businesses highly competitive quality, lead times, and import duties compared to other low labor-cost countries. The strong economic and political relationship between India and the United States – the world’s two largest democracies – ensures supply chain stability, perhaps the most important factor in establishing long-term relationships with overseas suppliers.


Gupta Global brings resilience and unparalleled engineering support through your entire project. We start with initial CAD support and a comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Consultation, including process simulation. Our team will then work with our Indian to formulate an advanced product quality planning before scheduling your project for production.

Quality Control

ISO 9000 certified for over 20 years, Gupta Global employs seasoned, industry-savvy employees in both India and the US. They immediately address and rectify quality concerns through collaboration with our overseas fabrication partners and our full-service metrology and metallurgical labs. We will communicate with you to design a computer aided First Article Inspection process. Once production begins all products undergo a customized Pre-Dispatch Inspection Report.


India’s port facilities and infrastructure contributes to optimized packaging and shipping performance. Fully conversant with HTS Codes and US Customs regulations, our team coordinates all the importing logistics, from dock to dock, ensuring full oversight of your product throughout production, storage, and transit.