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Gupta Global is your trusted partner for premium aluminum die casting solutions. From production to delivery, we exude expertise and reliability for our clients.

No matter the type of industry you’re in, we cater to diverse die casting needs with utmost precision-engineered products that meet the highest standards.

Experience unmatched quality and service with every step of the way.

High Pressure Aluminum Die Castings

Processes and Capabilities: Pressure and Gravity Die Casting, CAD/CAM Analysis, Shot/Sand Blasting, CNC and Turn-Mill Machining, Hydraulic Trim Press, Automatic Tapping Machine, Leak Test Facility, Vacuum Impregnations Plant, Ultrasonic Cleaning Line Anodizing, Powder Coating and Paint Shop, Custom Packaging
Modeling: Meshing, Process and Input Parameters, Fill and Thermal Analysis, Solidification, Defect Prediction
Weight: Up to 30lbs
Size: 1/2-inch to 30+ inches
Alloys: A380 / A383. Others available upon request.

Experience the Versatility of Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum casting is extensively used across diverse industries for its remarkable strength, lightweight nature, and versatile properties.

Automotive Industry

It offers durability and lightweight alternatives for automotive components, enhancing fuel efficiency and transportability.

Renewable Energy

It is used in power generation and distribution equipment, such as solar panel brackets and wind turbine parts, due to its durability and corrosion resistance.


It provides lightweight, durable solutions for aircraft components. Ensure optimal performance in harsh operating conditions.

Agriculture Sector

It utilizes machines like combine harvesters and tractors for their durability and reliability in demanding agricultural applications.

Medical Industry

It is integrated into various devices and systems in the medical industry, including diagnostic and treatment equipment, beds, and surgical instruments, for their reliability and precision.

Meticulous Aluminum Die Casting Process

Precision defines our aluminum casting manufacturing process. We manufacture and export highly detailed and precise aluminum parts and products. Our high-performing components feature strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.


Before starting aluminum die casting, we utilize a spectrometer to analyze the chemical composition of the aluminum ingot. It adheres to specifications with a purity difference of 0-5%.


The aluminum ingots undergo a melting process at die casting machine stations, each equipped with a melting furnace. Our experts place the nugget into the furnace.


Once melted, the molten aluminum is injected into the die. We offer a diverse range of products varying in size and weight, along with the requisite machines for their production.

Why Outsource Aluminum Die Casting?

Overcome the limitless challenges in industrial development and high manufacturing costs and outsource your aluminum die casting needs:

Access to Advanced Technologies

Not all companies have access to high-end manufacturing technologies. Get access to superior manufacturing capabilities available in foreign countries.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing helps reduce manufacturing costs, especially in countries with high production expenses, enabling companies to remain competitive in the market.

Beneficial for Startups

Startups and entrepreneurs significantly benefit from outsourcing, as it allows them to meet manufacturing demands without investing in expensive equipment.

Time Saving

Outsourcing less crucial parts saves valuable time, allowing companies to allocate resources more efficiently to important matters.

Reduced Liability

By outsourcing, companies avoid liability for property or equipment, minimizing risks associated with unexpected events or accidents.

Access to Specialized Parts

Some parts are not feasible to manufacture locally. Outsourcing allows access to specialized parts from foreign countries, enabling the assembly of high-quality products domestically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose aluminum high-pressure die casting?

Aluminum high-pressure die casting offers:

  • Dimensional accuracy: Die-cast parts are durable, dimensionally stable, and heat resistant, ensuring precise and reliable components.
  • Strength and weight: Die casting reduces weight while maintaining strength, making them ideal for thin-wall parts. It integrates multiple components into one casting, enhancing structural integrity.
  • Multiple finishing techniques: Die cast parts feature smooth or textured surfaces and are easily plated or finished with minimal surface preparation.
  • Simplified assembly: Integral fastening elements such as bosses and studs are provided, along with cored holes and external threads, simplifying assembly processes.

We employ various modeling techniques such as meshing, process and input parameter analysis, fill and thermal analysis, solidification analysis, and defect prediction to optimize the aluminum die-casting process.

Gupta Global is among the leading aluminum die casting companies. It offers a range of processes and capabilities for high-pressure aluminum die castings, including:

  • CAD/CAM analysis
  • Shot/Sand blasting
  • CNC machining
  • Hydraulic trim press
  • Leak test facility
  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating, and more…

The typical turnaround time for orders of aluminum die castings varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, order volume, and current production schedule. However, we strive to provide efficient and timely delivery, with turnaround times typically ranging from weeks to a few months, depending on the specific requirements of the project.