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Aluminium Extrusions in Pittsburgh, PA

Gupta Global is a leading provider of high-quality metal extrusion solutions.

Precision Extruded Aluminum Profiles in Pittsburgh, PA

Processes and Capabilities: CAD/CAM Analysis, Shot/Sand Blasting, CNC Machining, Complex 3/4/5 Axis Machining, Cut to Length, Anodizing, Powder Coating and Paint Shop, Custom Packaging.

Weight: 4 oz/ft to 12 lbs/ft

Diameter: 1/8-inch to 8 inches. Larger sizes available upon request.

Alloys: 6063 / 6061. Others available upon request.

Why Outsource Aluminum Extrusions?

Companies opt to outsource aluminum extrusions to reap various benefits, especially when faced with constraints in industrial development and high manufacturing costs.

Advanced Technology Access

Outsourcing provides access to superior manufacturing capabilities available in foreign countries, which may not be accessible otherwise. This includes advanced metal extrusion technologies and processes.

Budget Friendly

Outsourcing helps reduce manufacturing costs, particularly in regions with high production expenses, enabling companies to maintain competitiveness in the market.

Beneficial for Small Companies

Startups and entrepreneurs benefit from outsourcing aluminum extrusions by meeting manufacturing demands without the need to invest in expensive equipment. This allows them to concentrate on business growth and innovation.

Time Efficiency

Outsourcing less critical aspects of production saves valuable time, allowing companies to allocate resources more efficiently to essential matters.

Why use Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

Aluminum extrusions are chosen for their many benefits over other materials. They're lightweight, strong, and great at conducting heat and electricity. Plus, they resist corrosion, are non-magnetic, and don't spark, making them safe for many applications.

Lightweight & Strong

Aluminum is lighter than steel, copper, iron, and brass, making it easier to handle and ship. It's great for improving fuel economy in vehicles.

Aluminum is strong and durable, especially when heat-treated. Unlike steel, it gets stronger in cold weather./p>

Heat Conduction

Aluminum is excellent at conducting heat and cold, making it ideal for heat exchangers.

Electrical Conduction

Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity, twice as conductive as copper, and less costly.


Aluminum naturally resists corrosion, and its oxide film can be enhanced with finishes like anodizing.


Aluminum is non-magnetic, suitable for high-voltage applications and sensitive electronic devices.


Aluminum doesn't emit sparks, making it safe for use in flammable environments.

Why Choose Gupta Global?

Gupta Global stands out for its international certifications and extensive expertise, establishing itself as a leader in the extruded aluminum industry with a robust manufacturing network.


We deliver superior quality, precision engineered die-cast products, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and refined processes for top-notch results in every project.

On-time Delivery

We guarantee that every project is completed on schedule. With streamlined and efficient logistics, we provide timely delivery, empowering clients to meet their deadlines confidently.


With over two decades of experience in the metal extrusion industry, Gupta Global offers unparalleled reliability and expertise in OEM services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bulk orders accepted for aluminum extrusions profiles?

Yes, bulk orders for extrusions are accepted. To place such orders, simply reach out to our sales team with your requirements, and they will guide you through the process, including pricing and lead times.

Yes, samples of metal extrusions can be requested before placing a bulk order. This allows you to evaluate the quality and suitability of the extrusions for your project before making a larger commitment. Contact us for more information!

Depending on the volume of your order, discounts or incentives may be available. Contact our sales team for more information on potential cost-saving opportunities for large-volume purchases.

Mill-finished aluminum denotes extrusion products without any surface treatment. Anodized aluminum, on the other hand, undergoes anodization—an electrochemical process enhancing corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetics.